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Eric McDonald, founder of CHP

Our beginnings

CHP started as Custom Home Painters of Cheyenne in July of 2014. Eric McDonald, the founder, had run successful painting companies in other towns since 2010. When he and his wife moved to Cheyenne, he was ambitious to start a more sustainable and professional painting company—and Cheyenne was the perfect place to start. There was a huge need for respectable, professional contractors who truly cared about upstanding service and remarkable quality—and were able to serve the specific needs of homeowners efficiently and effectively.

As a Wyoming native, he could relate with the people. As a University of Wyoming graduate, he had the education. As a former paint contractor, he had the expertise. With all these ideal circumstances coming together Custom Home Painters of Cheyenne was founded.

CHP Team Photo

Our mission

As growth has happened over the years, one distinction has become apparent - an ambition to serve.  But not where you would assume (the client).  Our focus starts with a young generation entering into the workforce that deserves the chance to prove themselves to the world. These individuals are full of energy, optimism and potential, and it's our duty to train and mentor them into working professionals.  With empowered employees, our clients notice a sense of genuine thoughtfulness in our attitudes and thoroughness in our work.  This result has been thousands of clients that are genuinely impressed, becoming ambassadors of the company.  With this support, we then serve the local non-profits and underprivileged, strengthening the very community that has supported us so much.

What sets us apart

We use only the best paint and coating products and tools

We back our paint and concrete coating workmanship with a guarantee

Our professionals are approachable, respectable individuals trained in customer service

Our people are trained, respectable, and efficient—treated your space with care

Our progress

As we grew in popularity, we noticed ourselves not just working in Cheyenne and not just working on houses. Our reach and scope of work has dramatically grown into commercial painting, concrete coatings and roof coatings all over the region.  Custom Home Painters of Cheyenne no longer represented who we were, so a rebranding to CHP in 2023 emerged.  Our future is bright, our optimism is high, our eagerness to serve is present, our excitement is noticeable, our plans are unstoppable.  We are a part of something bigger than ourselves, so come join us as we break through barriers and prove the sky's the limit to what can be accomplished.

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