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Protect your exteriors in style

Mother Nature takes a toll on our home exteriors with each passing season. During summer, intense UV light oxidizes the outside paint into dust—fading house paint color and sheen. In the winter, harsh wind, snow, and ice creep into tiny weaknesses in your exterior as a freeze/thaw cycle breaks down building materials. In the spring, the moisture absorbs into each opening, beginning the rotting process.


This is why it’s so important to remain proactive when it comes to exterior painting—especially in Wyoming and Colorado. Depending on the quality of paint products, structures should be painted about every 10 years.

CHP Commercial Painters

Your interior painting pros

We are the trusted partner for many businesses as we work to be in-and-out as efficiently as possible while delivering the best service. Is it time to give your business or commercial space a fresh coat of paint? A new paint job can:

  • Help you attract more customers

  • Boost the mood of your employees

  • Make your building look more modern

You'll be amazed at the way a new color can transform your space. Reach out today to start your commercial painting project in Cheyenne, Laramie, Greeley, and other surrounding areas.

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We guarantee our work and use top of the line paint products ensuring your investment for years to come. There is a drastic difference between good and poor products after 5 years—this is why we use the best primers, caulking, and paints available.

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