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1. Polyurea Base Coat

This layer provides the base color for the flooring and forms a strong bond to the concrete, helping to prevent peeling even under hot tires or other forms of drastic temperature change. Prior to this coating, we mechanically grind the concrete floor to ensure the coating bites to the concrete surface.

2. Decorative Flakes

These vinyl flakes are spread over the base coat and bind to the floor, creating an attractive mosaic that is sure to impress. The chips also leave slight texture, allowing the floor to be slip resistant.

3. Polyaspartic Top Coat

This final coating is the armor that protects your garage floor from normal wear and tear, such as de-icers, chemicals, and rocks stuck in your tires. It is also UV resistant, so it will not yellow over time and will look new for years.

CHP Floor Coating

Why is it better than epoxy floors?

  1. Cures fully in One Day, Epoxy Flooring Cure time can be one week leaving your car in the hail for potential damage

  2. More flexible to expand and contract with drastic temperature changes

  3. Polyurea cures down to -20 degrees. Epoxy must be above 40 degrees the entire cure time or it may fail

  4.  4x harder than epoxy floors

  • First off, the epoxy kits don't come with a 500 pound planetary concrete grinder hooked to commercial HEPA vacuums. This concrete grinder has 9 diamond heads that abrade the surface to ensure our product has permanent adhesion.

    Second, the epoxy kits do not come with a patching compound that fills chipped, cracked and spalled concrete. Our concrete patching compound mends surface damage to a strength harder than the concrete.

    Third, the epoxy kits come with a small baggy of the colored chips that are lightly sprinkled across the garage. Our chips come in 40 lb boxes that are cast over the entire floor until they are piled on top of each other. The excess chips get reclaimed and a gorgeous mosaic landscape is left. The color options are endless, so let your mind go wild! The density of the chips also creates a texture that hides minor imperfections and gives the floor slip resistance.

    Forth, many epoxy kits do not come with a clear top coat. Our Polyaspartic clear top coat is the armor of the floor coating system. It gives the floor scratch, chemical and stain resistance. It is also non-porous, so it gives the floor an incredible shine that is easy to clean and anti-microbial.

    Fifth, epoxy is not UV stable and yellows over time. Our Polyurea is UV stable, so it will not yellow over time and can be applied outside as well.

    Sixth, the epoxy kits come with no real warranty or customer support. Once your hot tires park on the surface and peels the coating, you are stuck with an unsightly floor. Our product has a 15 year residential warranty from peeling and chipping. Commercial floors have a 5 year warranty.

  • It can be applied on about any concrete floor imaginable. It is very common to apply this coating in garages, shops, patios, walk ways, basements, laundry rooms, mud rooms, dog kennels, driveways, restaurant floors and other commercial floors.

  • Most garage floors can be completed in a single day. Once the top coat has been applied, all items can be moved back onto the floor 24 hrs. later.

  • Yes, our Polyurea can cure down to -20 degrees F.

  • The texture of the flake gives the floor some slip resistance, but if more slip resistance is desired, varying levels of polymer sand can be added into the top coat.

  • It covers free spot repair for any peeling coating on a concrete surface that we were able to effectively grind. Our mender fills cracks, but cannot prevent cracks from continuing to grow or move. If cracks come through the coating after installation, it is because the concrete beneath is cracking. If this happens, we can come back to refill the crack, but it is not covered under our warranty and there may be a service charge. General use will dull the clear coat over the years. This is considered normal wear and tear. If a brand new shine is desired, we can apply another clear coat at an additional charge. Any damage due to excessive wear and tear not typical for the area would not be included. Any chipped areas will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If the concrete itself has been chipped in that area, then the warranty doesn't apply.

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As dazzling as it is durable

Would you like your concrete floor to stand the tests of time over de-icers, chemicals and heavy traffic and look absolutely gorgeous? CHP Concrete Coating provides the most industrial concrete coating available while enhancing the look of any concrete floor. It also installs in just 1 day and can be returned to service within 24 hours, so you can begin enjoying it right away.

Our garage floor coating colors can be customized to your personal tastes and home design. Not only are these garage floors beautiful, they add a level of safety due to their slip resistance. We are so confident in our design and process, we offer a limited lifetime warranty.

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