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CHP Roof Coating Sprayer



CHP Roof Coating being applied

Extend the life of your roof

We also perform roof coatings for flat style roofing with high performance silicone and acrylic coatings.  No need to replace your roof, simply have us apply a high quality coating over your existing roof to extend the life of it for years. It is more affordable than replacing a roof, includes patching holes and protrusions and is warrantied.

CHP Roof Coating on a commercial building

Protection for years to come

We understand the significance of a well-maintained roof. Whether commercial or residential, our coatings are designed for different roof types, ensuring optimum protection and lasting performance. Trust us to preserve the integrity of your roof and secure your investment with our top-notch protective coatings.

Green siding
Green commercial building


We guarantee our work and use top of the line paint products ensuring your investment for years to come. There is a drastic difference between good and poor products after 5 years—this is why we use the best primers, caulking, and paints available.

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